Tarot FY680 PRO Folding Hexa-copter TL68P00

Tarot FY680 PRO Folding Hexa-copter TL68P00

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The canopy is not included in the pictures.

TAROT 680PRO 6-axis aircraft frame is the replacement product of 680 series frame. It is designed independently and creatively by TAROT Company, which owns several of patent technology.  TAROT 680PRO is featured with convenient holding, lower gravity, stable and optimized design and large installation room. And its exterior design has a strong impact perspective.
The main body is equipped with high strength matte gold complex process PCB curcuit. The intergrated PCB board connections makes faster, safer connections to power supply and power transfer, providing adequate space for the installation of various flight control system. Apply Dongli 3K hollow pure carbon fiber  tube ( not 3K glass carbon tube) entire CNC to process. It is design standard is higher than its similar products.  The new 16MM carbon holding base widens 3 supporting point, preventing cracking or breaking which affects use. Widening the contact surfaces with carbon board, the newly anti-slip design can better lock the carbon tubes.


The new carbon tube fixed set applies the imported and enhanced nylon fiber material; Using of M2.5 paddle screws to fastening both the up and down side; Its M3.2 diameter contact surfaces can make PCB board and arm connect stablly. The new holding shelf is independently designed safe lock equipment, preventing the shrink of shelf due to impact, resulting the damage of the flight. The new motor add brushless power transfer allocation seat, harness protection seat, clamp design, which is convenient for adjust motor seat balance. The two colors can catch eyes easily, overall color design has strong impact effect, providing good sight directon to the flying flight.

TAROT 680PRO 6-axis flight shelf is designed to meet customers' convenient requirement. It is suitable for screening, sensor, map, flight investigation,  fire check, life discovery,  cable transmission line, farm monitoring and so forth. It is suitable for high requirement of mobile performance and light equipment load and long flight endurity applied filed.

Products Actual Test:

Carry with GO phantom, wireless image transmission and other loads; the whole weight is 2.76KG; hover actual flight time14.5MIN。 
Requirement for the Equipment Specifications:

Wheelbase Diameter:695MM
Rotor Specifications:12-13 inch carbon fiber propellerTL2829
Burshless Motor:4S/620KV4006 brushless motorTL68P02
Battery Specifications:14.8V 4000-5000MHA
Brushless ESC:20-30A 
Related Accessaries Numbers for Reference:

500 Dedicated outfield bag/ Black-EnhancedTL2647
T Series 1355 high-end carbon pros paddle TL2829
680PRO Holding 6-axis center plate TL68P01
4006/620KV  Multi-axis brushless motor TL68P02
680PRO Under mount battery holder  TL68P03
Φ16MM 3K Grain matte pure carbon tube(275MM) TL68P04
Φ16MM 3K Folding machine arm pure carbon tubes(262MM) TL68P05
Φ16MM 3K Folding tripot pure carbon tube(185MM) TL68P06
680PRO  Carbon fiber hood TL2851 
680PRO Colorful brand hood  TL2853 
680PRO Flag brand hood TL2852
16MM  Folding seat positioning carbon nanotubes/ Red TL68B28
16MM  Folding seat positioning carbon nanotubes/ Black TL68B27 
Φ16MM Clamp-type mount/ Red TL68B26 
Φ16MM Clamp-type motor mount/ Black TL68B25
685PRO Folding Tripot Mount/ Red TL68B23
685PRO Folding Tripot Mount/ Black TL68B24  
Φ10MM 3K Grain Matte Pure Carbon Tube(280MM)TL68B22
Φ16 Folding Tripot T-block TL68B16
Φ16MM Carbon GPS Holder TL68B13  
Metal 16MM Carbon Pipe Clamp Seat TL68B05 
M10 Metal Silicone Damping Seat TL68B10 
M2.5 Ladder Screws TL2778-01
GPSFolding Mount TL15T08 
Net Weight:0.81KG
Whole Weight:1.05KG

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