Sunrise HiMulti ESC for Multicopter HiMulti-60A-OPTO Simonk Program

Sunrise HiMulti ESC for Multicopter HiMulti-60A-OPTO Simonk Program

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The HiMULTI product line of speed controllers are designed for controlling and regulating brushless motors that are typically used for powering multicopters. Each speed controller is pre-set from the factory with settings optimized for use with multi rotor aircraft stabilization systems. HiMULTI controllers accept a control signal with a frequency of up to 500Hz. This allows them to accurately respond to any PRM change required by the control/stabilization unit of the multicopter.

The motor control signal is galvanically (optically) separated from the flight battery in all HiMULTI speed controllers. HiMULTI speed controllers do not require of allow any programming changes. The propeller brakes are already switched off, the cut-off voltage is pre-set to the lowest possible level (depending on type) and the motor timing is set automatically by the speed controller. If you need to change the direction of rotation simply swap any two of the motor wires.

- Starting program optimized
- Using systerm’s structure optimized.    
- All N-channel MOSFET design    
- The refresh rate increased. The range is 20-500HZ.    
- Can support more voltage. All the series can support 2-6S.    
- Increased more power of torque.    
- Don’t need programming.

- Model: HiMULTI-60A-OPTO
- Constant Current: 60A
- Max Current: 70A for 10 seconds
- Input Voltage: 5-25.2V
- BEC Output: NO
- Response:20-500Hz
- PCB Size: 50mm*30mm
- Weight: 55g

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