ISDT BG-8S BatteryGO Smart Electric Display Battery Balance Charger

ISDT BG-8S BatteryGO Smart Electric Display Battery Balance Charger

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SDT BG-8S BatteryGO Smart Electric Display Battery Balance Charger

BatteryGO intelligent power screen
26 million color sunshine screen 
Exquisite and powerful BG-8S intelligent display
Support new BattGO intelligent battery internet technology.
Let battery more intelligent
With BattGO intelligent battery internet technology,only need connect to XT60i,then can know all  the detailed parameters of the battery 
It can convenient look for batteries voltage、battery cycle、working parameters and quickly set the user preferences parameters and soon on
Auto balance batteries voltage
Advanced automatic balanced algorithm,make sure of accurate balance each of batteries voltage,upon completion of the sound and light prompts and automatically enter the low-power sleep model 
Powerful mobile remove charging function
After connect the battery,BG-8S can become powerful mobile remove charging,support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 fast charge agreement,at the same time compatible BC1.2 and iphone remove device charging standard.
Maximum output ability up to 12V/2A
Receiver signal test and protocol analyse
Through connect to standard three line connector,BG-8S not only can test BEC output voltage, a variety of communication protocol analysis can also be performed,include PWM、PPM and S.BUS and so on,future software upgrades will be added to more protocol analysis support
A variety of test method
Support XT60 / XT60i,XH2.54 1~8S balanced the mouth,XH2.54 3pin、JST and other kinds of connections for voltage measurement.
Support LiHv,LiPo,LiIon,LiFe,NiMh / Cd as well as BEC output and other voltage measurement
Support USB upgrade,and support multi-language menu
BG-8S is equipped to Micro USB port,can convenient for connect to PC for firmware upgrades,the future will support more international language options
For intelligent battery birth XT60i
BG-8S adapt to ISDT and Amass jointly developed XT60i connector,support new BattGO intelligent battery internet technology,and highly backward compatible with a variety of XT60 connector
②menu  Short press to  enter setup model ;long press to intelligent battery interface
① ③ Up / Down key  Switch settings;change the setting item;switch view items and so on.
This product is designed for use with XH 2.54 balanced interface Li-po battery pack,when connecting to battery to “BAT-”for alignment,the right figure shows the alignment of the plug,when the 1S battery connected,XT60i input must be greater than 5V to operate.


• Item Name: ISDT BG-8S BatteryGO Smart Electric Display Battery Balance Charger


 Working voltage range:  5.0V-36V
 Balanced the first string of input voltage range  :  0.8V-15V
 Balanced the two-eight string of input voltage range :  0.8V-4.8V
 Support the number of batteries:  1-8S
 Voltage measurement accuracy :  ±0.005V @ 4.2V
 Cell balance accuracy:  < 0.005V
 Support USB charging :  QC 2.0 / 3.0, BC1.2, maximum output 12V/2A
 Support intelligent battery :  set the charge and discharge parameters,query the battery information and use 
 Support battery type :  LiHv (1-8S) / LiPo (1-8S) / LiFe(1-8S)/Lilon (1-8S) / NiMH/Cd(1-10S)
 Display type:  2.4〃320×240 26 million color IPS LCD
 Dimensions :  80 × 55 × 19 mm
 Weight :  59g
 Working environment temperature :  0-40℃
 Working humidity :  10Ϲ0Ͽ (not clotted)
  Storage temperature:  -20-60℃
 Storage humidity :  5Ϲ0Ͽ (not clotted)



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