GEP-FX5 flyFish

GEP-FX5 flyFish

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Beautiful, light, competition, drag minimization, this looks like a “fish” frame was born, our team is called he is “flyFish”. flyFish wheelbase 195mm, the use of 4mm thickness of the 3K carbon board, can be installed under the 5 inch propeller. The motor seat is a very good design, looks like a fish, can play a role of protecting the motor, also can strengthen the strength of the motor seat. Body head using 3D printing technology, TPU material, this material is to do the body of a rare good material, flexible materials, resistance to impact. Lens adjustment angle in 35-60 degrees, can be suitable for flying hand. Of course, later we will also consider the introduction of fixed angle 3D printing, such as 35 degrees, 45 degrees and 50 degrees, and so on, so that the benefits are obvious is to more extreme reduced wind resistance. We chose the integration of XT60, PDB interface only in the side shows, eliminating the weight of a cable, while PDB integrated BEC 5V, which is enough space.


Name:GEP-FX5 flyFish
Weight:72g(include Aluminum parts)
Wheelbase:195MM 5inch props
Arms board:4mm


Flight Controller:F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305
Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh


1. 3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the framework is strong
2. In order to reduce wind resistance, 3D print using a streamlined appearance, like a fish
3. 5 inch wheelbase 195mm, 4 inch wheelbase 175mm, 6 inch wheelbase 230mm
4. This is “X” layout, Between each arm is 90 degrees. Each direction is very flexible
5. The motor position widened, like the fish, the collision is not easy to blow to the motor, the motor strength also increased
6. The structure is strong, beautiful and light weight (72g, including all fixed parts).
7. Camera angle adjustable, 35-60 degrees
8. With a PDB, integrated XT60, BEC (5/12v output)


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